Four Benefits of Real Time Social Media Marketing

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Four Benefits of Real Time Social Media Marketing

Businesses these days are too busy posting about their brand, product and services that they tend to forget that incorporating real time events that may attract the interest of their target audience is also important. This is called real time social media marketing. This method is centered on capitalising on real time events in order to send out a message to a target audience at a specific time.

As an entrepreneur venturing into this kind of social media marketing strategy, thinking of ideas in a matter of seconds instead of days or even weeks is something that you have to learn. With that, you will be engaging with your audience regarding special or notable events that are happening on that very day. This can gain you large amounts of attention that you may otherwise be unlikely to get. This strategy can be very beneficial and some of its benefits are provided below:

* Increase Your Followers

One great benefit of engaging in real time social media marketing is that you’ll get better chances of increasing your number of followers. Discussing or even taking part on a much anticipated event will catch the attention of many. Of course, you have to make sure that you can make use of this event to your advantage by slightly incorporating your product or service into the message that you want to deliver to your audience. Once you have found a way of doing this, you’ll see how effective this method really is.

* Build Relationships

Real time social media marketing will also pave the way for you to build relationships with your audience. This is probably one of the best things that you can get from this kind of strategy. You’ll get to engage with your followers in a real time conversation which is very important if you wish to build on the trust of your customers and reputation of your brand.

* Increase Potential Sales

Answering queries and responding to comments about an event that you have posted on your chosen social media platform, real time, will help you potentially increase your sales. A company that responds to their customers is more trusted compared to those that take days to reply. Engaging with them in real time is a big help especially in positioning a new product or service naturally as you go along with your conversations.

* Expand Your Reach

Apart from the benefit of engagement and building better relationships with your customers, you will also get to expand your reach without having to force your brand to your target audience. Commenting on live events creates content that is much more likely to be shared and hence go viral.

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