Five Tips from Social Media Gurus

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Five Tips from Social Media Gurus

Social media marketing is an essential part of any business aiming to boost their reputation, branding and visibility online. Are you one of the many entrepreneurs who are looking to improve your social media marketing efforts? If the answer is yes, then read on. Provided below are 10 tips practiced by several social media gurus.

Discover The Best Time To Post:

Knowing when to post on your chosen social media is very important. You cannot just post anytime you want. Your return on investment will be greatly reduced if a smaller proportion of your target market see’s your posts or campaigns. Set it at a time when you know your audience will most likely check their social media accounts.

Make Use Of Your Rivals:

Competition is not all that bad. Apart from motivating you to do your best, you can use that competition to your advantage. Take social media for instance. Research popular posts from your competition and use it to your advantage. What may be popular to their audience may also be popular on your end. There are several tools that can help you out with this including social crawlytics.

Go Viral On Youtube:

Youtube is one of the most widely used sites all over the globe and using this platform as part of your marketing strategy is a must. One good practice that you should also follow is to create enticing, attention-grabbing thumbnails so that you can increase your click through rate. This will allow you to present to a greater amount of viewers and if you have a video that is informative and useful to your target audience you will be able to increase your sales.

Choose A Few But Not All Networks:

It wouldn’t do you much good if you start your social media campaigns on all the platforms available. Choose only a few where you think your campaign will click. If you think your business will do good on video or photosharing sites, then choose Pinterest, Instagram or Youtube. Focus on these and build your visibility and your brand. Whilst in the long run expanding to more sites is a great idea, it can be best to focus your energy on one or a few and build a following before expanding.

Show Them What You’ve Got:

If you want to attract customers and increase your sales, you need to provide great and high quality content to your audience. The type of content that will inform them of just how useful and relevant your products or services are to them. Highlight its benefits instead of its features when presenting your campaigns or deals and explain why your followers need to buy it.

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