Eight Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

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Eight Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

Like any other topic, social media marketing also has its own set of myths. As an entrepreneur knowing the truth is crucial. Here are 10 myths about social media marketing which have been debunked.

1. Google+ Is Useless:

Google+ is one of the best social media platforms today. Others may say that it’s useless but it can change your position in Google search results and has a larger user base than many realize.

2. Lead Generation Through Social Media Isn’t Possible:

This is false in so many ways. Posting high quality content and relevant media can generate you brand new followers who you can then send to your site through a sales funnel.

3. Social Media Is Not Suitable For Business:

Social media is not only for personal use. A lot of companies are now using this to advertise market and communicate with their audience. Social media is now being utilized by most companies to expand their visibility. It is one of the best marketing tools since almost everybody has a social media account.

4. Only The Rich and Famous Have Huge Amounts Of Followers:

That may be true before but not these days. Even regular people have huge followings. You too, can acquire a decent number of followers for your company as long as you know the right kind of content to post.

5. Social Media Is Perfect For Promotions:

If you think that by promoting your brand or by inviting your audience to purchase from you through social media is effective then you better think again. You will end up having fewer followers each day if you continue doing this. The best way to attract followers is to post relevant, real-time and useful content that your customers may be interested in. Overselling can annoy your followers and just like in real life, pushy salesmen are not always the most profitable.

6. Everyone Has A Facebook Account:

A lot of people say that everybody has one but in reality, not everybody does. It’s important to recognise other platforms.

7. You Should Use All Platforms Available:

There are several social media networking sites to choose from. Each of these platforms has a decent amount of users. However, using all of them may not be the best strategy. Not all sites are appropriate for your business. You need to find a couple of platforms that you think will help your company thrive and pursue followers on them actively.

8. Social Media Is Full Of Crazy People:

There have been many negative stories involving social media lately, but not everyone on social media is crazy. You can still interact productively with target consumers that may be interested in your posts and your company. This communication is invaluable to entrepreneurs, and not something that should be disregarded.

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